Business Model Shifts

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Move away from traditional, outdated, and inefficient business models to increase value and delight customers

Never before has the business world seen so much radical change. This change is accelerating, casting a spotlight on the economy and pointing out the businesses and business models that must adapt or die trying. As business leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and change agents, it's up to you to redesign and shift your organizations' business models to ensure your organization lives on and thrives in the future. Business Model Shifts shows you how to do all this, and much more.
The book examines six different kinds of business model shifts, each addressing a structural flaw in the current economic system, and identifies the opportunities that lie on the other side of those flaws:
1. The Services Shift: the move from product towards services that get the job done for customers
2. The Stakeholder Shift: the move from a shareholder orientation towards creating value for all stakeholders
3. The Digital Shift: the move from fragmented business operations towards always being connected to customers and their needs
4. The Platform Shift: the move from underserved towards directly connecting people to exchange value
5. The Exponential Shift: the move from improving 10% towards exponential thinking and 10x growth
6. The Circular Shift: the move from take-make-dispose towards restorative, regenerative, and circular value creation
Covering 39 case studies, 60+ individual business models, and more than 30 patterns, Business Model Shifts is a comprehensive resource for understanding the mindset, opportunities, business model options, and bold steps you can take to create your own shift for the future.

Cover : Softcover
Author : Patrick van der Pijl
Language : English
ISBN : 9781119525349

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