Failing Fast?

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A must read for executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders. In collaboration with Forbes Books, the award-winning innovation consulting entrepreneur, Luv Tulsidas, brings you the 10 secrets to succeed faster in this new era of AI disruption with your personal and business innovation goals.

With easy to digest insights, case studies, personal battle stories and practical tools that can be implemented in your daily life, this book delivers the right mix of educational and entertaining content that will empower you to succeed faster at turning your business and personal dreams to reality.

Why now?

Enterprises cannot afford to continue failing at innovation due to the unprecedented disruptions under way as a result of the recent advancements in AI, coinciding with major socio-economic shifts taking place across the globe. Companies that want to be taken seriously in these changing times must generate bigger profits while delivering significantly more value for the communities they serve. This can only be achieved by succeeding faster and cost effectively at innovation. In other words, “Innovation done right!”

Who is this book for?

- CEOs and executive leaders of established enterprises swear by secrets 2,3, & 9 in the book as they have been a career saver for many. Particularly, when they had to transform their companies with the innovation their businesses needed to stay relevant.
- Entrepreneurs & aspiring founders love secret numbers 3, 6, 8, and 10 and Chapter 12 for enabling them to succeed within the limited runway that startups get to execute their vision.
- Successful product managers and engineering leaders favor secrets 7, 8, 9, & 10.
- Sales executives have seen their careers skyrocket by following secret 8 in Chapter 10.
- High school and college students found secret 3 and Chapter 4 to be very insightful in helping them choose a fulfilling and money making profession.
- In these volatile times, we need leaders and dreamers like you to be empowered with a new mindset and a highly effective method to build your dreams of the future without having to rely on luck. The battle-tested secrets in this book will show you how…

Cover : Hardcover
Author : Luv Tulsidas
Language : English
ISBN : 9781955884907

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