How to Find Love

IDR 299.000
A practical guide to making wiser, more informed choices in love.

Finding and choosing a partner is one of the most consequential decisions we will ever make. This guide explains everything from why we have "types" and how our early lives inform our romantic decisions as adults. It sheds light on harmful and repetitive patterns and provides insight on how to break them.

Drawing on in-depth analysis, How to Find Love explains our instinct for romantic self-sabotage and provides a crucial set of ideas to help us make safer, more imaginative and more effective choices in love.

- A GUIDE TO MAKING BETTER DECISIONS IN LOVE and how to choose the "right" partner.
- PRESENTS THE TOOLS WE NEED to break unhealthy relationship habits.
- PART OF THE SCHOOL OF LIFE'S GIFTABLE ESSAYS SERIES other titles include Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person, Why We Hate Cheap Things, and Self-Knowledge.

Cover : Hardcover
Author : The School of Life
Language : English
ISBN : 9780995573697

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