The Ideal Life

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Convert Your Stress Into a Catalyst for Personal Growth

There is a lie you’ve told yourself since you were old enough to tell yourself lies. The lie is “I’ll be happy if I can just get what I want.”

The truth is far more complex and beautiful and powerful than that. The reality is that when we get what we want, our inner reward system turns off―unless it’s tied to another future goal afterwards.

On top of this, modern society bombards us with false narratives that confuse us about what we actually want and what we actually need. This leaves countless people lost and without direction. This feeling manifests itself in feelings of stress, anxiety, and even depression. So what can we do about it?

Since the beginning of time, philosophers have tried to figure out what makes us happy. For the first time, modern technology has allowed biologists to map the inner chemicals that actually cause those feelings, and positive psychologists have used that information to construct the pillars of a meaningful life. Our inner reward systems were designed for a purpose, and understanding that design can allow you to take control of your anxiety and convert it into meaningful action. Through his personal successes in business and health, paired with the knowledge of a master’s degree in I-O Psychology from Harvard University’s Extension School, Mark Congdon has developed a seven-step system for joyful living called the I GOT This framework. In this book Mark will teach you how you can use those steps to develop your own growth mindset and pursue the purpose of your own Ideal Life.

Are you ready to harness your stress, discover your purpose, and achieve your goals? This book is your guide.

Cover : Hardcover
Author : Mark R. Congdon
Language : English
ISBN : 9798887500881

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