The Learning Game

IDR 449.000
Cover : Softcover
Author : Ana Lorena Fábrega
Language : English
ISBN : 9781804090510

How did we conclude that the best way to prepare kids for the future is to cluster them into classrooms by age and grade, forcing them to learn the same things, at the same time and pace, seven hours a day, five days a week, for twelve years?

We trust the school system to prepare our kids for the future. We get excited when they get good grades, or disappointed if they don’t. But we rarely stop to question whether school is teaching our children the right things in the right way.

Kids could get good at playing the game of school, but are they really learning?

Teacher-turned-edupreneur Ana Lorena Fábrega, known by her students as Ms. Fab, invites us to rethink education.

In The Learning Game, she reveals how traditional schooling has gone wrong, and proposes a series of actionable strategies to help kids learn.

What if we guide kids to think for themselves?
Should we encourage kids to take risks and tackle projects of their own?
How do we help kids learn to love learning?

Answering these questions and many more, The Learning Game will arm you with practical tools to design a new approach to learning―one that leaves behind the game of school and prepares your kids for the game of life.

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