Tribe of Mentors

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Tim Ferriss, the number-one New York Times best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, shares the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure book - a compilation of tools, tactics, and habits from 130+ of the world's top performers. From iconic entrepreneurs to elite athletes, from artists to billionaire investors, their short profiles can help you answer life's most challenging questions, achieve extraordinary results, and transform your life. 

From the author: 

In 2017, several of my close friends died in rapid succession. It was a very hard year, as it was for many people. 

It was also a stark reminder that time is our scarcest, non-renewable resource. 

With a renewed sense of urgency, I began asking myself many questions:  

  • Were my goals my own, or simply what I thought I should want? 
  • How much of life had I missed from underplanning or overplanning? 
  • How could I be kinder to myself? 
  • How could I better say “no” to the trivial many to better say “yes” to the critical few? 
  • How could I best reassess my priorities and my purpose in this world? 

To find answers, I reached out to the most impressive world-class performers in the world, ranging from wunderkinds in their 20s to icons in their 70s and 80s. No stone was left unturned. 

This book contains their answers - practical and tactical advice from mentors who have found solutions. Whether you want to 10x your results, get unstuck, or reinvent yourself, someone else has traveled a similar path and taken notes. 

This book, Tribe of Mentors, includes many of the people I grew up viewing as idols or demi-gods. Less than 10% have been on my podcast (The Tim Ferriss Show, more than 200 million downloads), making this a brand-new playbook of playbooks. 

No matter your challenge or opportunity, something in this audiobook can help.

Cover : Softcover
Author : Timothy Ferriss
Language : English
ISBN : 9781785041853

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